A Consortium of Leaders in the Healing Arts

Happy & Hard-to-Fool

3-day Retreat for Women


Bird Hill Farm, Ware, MA.

8–10 February, 2019

Now accepting reservations

Dialogues Across Difference

Bring Growing a New Heart to your organization.

Create welcoming workplaces

Build Inclusive Leadership

Increase Staff Diversity

“Prepare yourself for utter transformation.”

—Retreat participant, June 2013

“We could not take our eyes off of her.

JAC is brilliant and so funny.

And she is REAL.”

—Retreat participant, June 2013

Growing a New Heart is a collective of like-minded professionals in the fields of social justice advocacy, sexual and domestic violence, addictions, art, communications, dispute resolution, community building and self healing.

Our Mission

To facilitate deeply respectful and ethical power relationships and communications in our families, our workplaces and communities through training, retreats, writing, storytelling, shamanic mediumship and the arts.

Lessons From the Field of IPV

We saw the shooter coming. I want you to see it, too. For those of us who have worked in the field of sexual and domestic violence, we see the connections between mass shootings and domestic violence. We see why people who tolerate or dismiss abuse towards women or...

Storytelling for Change — A 3-Day Workshop for All

No one tells the whole story. Whether we are in an interview for a job or making a toast at awedding, we all edit; we adapt to the goal at hand, choosing which parts to focus on, which parts to leave out. If our whole life is a tree, the story we tell is a bonsai,...

Let’s Grow Together

Making Change — Trailer (2018)

Making Change — Full Documentary (2018)