About Us

Growing a New Heart is a collective of like-minded professionals in the fields of social justice advocacy, sexual and domestic violence, addictions, art, communications, dispute resolution, community building and self healing.

Each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences from which we have built a broad platform for helping participants transform themselves and the world around them.

Through one-on-one and group events, participants can expect to learn powerful skills for elevating the quality of their professional and personal relationships in their communities.

JAC Patrissi currently offers retreats such as:

  • Happy and Hard-to-Fool (for women currently in a relationship)
  • Dialogues Across Difference (skills for difficult conversations across social locations)
  • Storytelling For Change (crafting stories for personal and community transformation)

These are held throughout the US and internationally. Please check out our latest retreat dates on our Retreats page.


Our Mission

We aim to facilitate deeply respectful and ethical power relationships and communications in our families, our workplaces and communities through training, retreats, writing, storytelling, traditional indigenous healing practices, and the arts.