Dialogues Across Differences

Increase your skills in facilitating conversation when people involved have strong feelings


Learn the skills necessary to facilitate dialogue that will strengthen the abilities you already have. Drawing on teachings from Popular Education, Dialogue Education and theories of adult learning, we will practice shaping dialogue, embracing conflict of ideas and engaging in productive conversations across differences that strengthen us all.


“I feel I can take over the world thanks to JAC’s endless trust in my potential to become a Social Justice Dialogue Group Facilitator for the agency we work for. In fact, since February 2018, I have facilitated for an estimate of 50 employees, and I am in process to facilitate for even more. There are two things JAC points out about facilitation that stay with me: “Facilitation involves courage,” and “Adults learn by doing. “These two statements have helped me become an effective facilitator. Lastly, I feel I am making a tremendous change in an organizational level, and this change would not be happening if it were not for JAC’s initiative to start this movement. Thank you.”


Ysabel Garcia

Department of Professional Development trainer
Behavioral Health Network. 

“When I first heard about the Dialogues Across Difference Training, I was immediately interested in learning how to better engage in harder topics and pick up some valuable communication skills. Who hasn’t struggled with communication?
What I got from the training was so much deeper than that. As human beings, our inclination is to be right and argue for our point. The skills JAC teaches in this training challenges this inclination and replaces it with something so much better. We can have differences of opinion and talk about them in such a way that it allows a person to consider a different thought. Watching this practice unfold with JAC was like magic and it happened so seamlessly and naturally.
Using this skill, she was able to teach how to take radical comments and still engage in facilitation and move the conversation forward, WITHOUT hostility or a shut down. This is a training I highly recommend and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to participate.”


Tanisha Areena

VRP Advocate, Fenway Health