Happy and Hard-to-Fool

Happy & Hard-to-Fool is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the nature of human relationships and make yourself a stronger, more successful partner and self-advocate.

Learn principles and tools to prepare you for happy and fulfilling relationships. Learn when to work harder, and when to stop working so hard. Together we let go of the messages that don’t serve us, and embrace the power of our wisest, most joyful selves in loving connection to others. This workshop is helpful for young women new to intimate partnerships, and for more mature women who are sorting through their relationship histories. The skills we practice will also strengthen your family and professional connections. If you have been in any kind of relationship with family, friends or intimate partners who have unresolved trauma, mental health issues, untreated addiction, or chronic immaturity, or who have been emotionally or physically coercive or abusive, this retreat will be especially helpful to you.

JAC Patrissi has been crafting creative solutions to relationship trauma and abuse for 29 years. She works as a couples counselor and trauma clinician and is author of Should I Stay or Should I Go: A Guide to Knowing If Your Relationship Can And Should Be Saved. (Penguin/Berkley 2011)


• Build relationships that are clear, satisfying, and mutually loving
• Learn how to insist and why
• Know when to stop trying and why
• Gain supportive connections
• Support other women in your community


Please email me to register at jac@growinganewheart.org.






“There’s a kind of disconnectedness, alienation, that you feel when you’ve left an abusive relationship. You no longer feel real; you need to regain your identity and build yourself up from nothing. You’re at once extraordinarily vulnerable and yet impenetrable.

“The retreat is the healing place that allows you to put yourself back together. JAC teaches by weaving innovative and startlingly clear insights, well-referenced research and a sense of wellness and spirituality. You begin to understand that you’re not a flawed person just because you’ve undergone abuse. She shares stories that are poignant and undeniable in their obvious truth; they are stories that keep giving, as I have been thinking about them for years now, learning new things. And funny. What’s surprising is that we laughed a lot! 

“Her profound compassion towards everyone creates an atmosphere of peace, sisterhood, and comfort. There’s exercises and work in her seminar, but it’s work you find yourself wanting to do. You begin to identify ways to process your experience and grieve the familiar self you lost.  It’s like coming home, after being away a long time. Later, when I looked back, I could see the process she set up for us to go through; it’s a respectful and careful structure. 

“JAC and her assistants managed to make 50 attendees all feel personally cared for, for an entire weekend. I would recommend this at any stage of life, at any stage of relationship. It’s prophylactic as well as reparative. You’ll just come out wiser.” 

—MN, Retreat participant