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Growing A New Heart

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 Growing A New Heart is a collective of like-minded professionals in the fields of social justice advocacy, sexual and domestic violence, addictions, art, communications, dispute resolution, community building and self healing. Our mission is to facilitate deeply respectful and ethical power relationships and communications in our families, our workplaces and communities through training, retreats, writing, storytelling, shamanic mediumship and the arts. We hope you’ll join us.

What our participants say . . .


“Thank you for The Dialogues Across Differences Seminar. The speakers were dynamic. This seminar was so engaging and so right for the time we are living.”

What our clients say . . .


“Thank you both! Looking forward to continuing the conversation with everyone.”

What our clients say . . .


So amazing and impactful. Thank you so much.”


What our clients say . . .


The best way to come away from a workshop is inspired and full of ideas & work to do. Thank you so much!”


What our clients say . . .


“Thank you everyone! This training has been incredibly valuable and enjoyable. I’m grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to using these skills in the future.”


What our clients say . . .


“Thanks so much for being in this conversation everyone! Looking forward to continued space together!

What our clients say . . .


“Thank you, everyone, for a fabulous workshop.”

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