Jacquie Marroquin

“Lead from scars not from wounds.”

Jacquie Marroquin is a highly experienced non-profit professional career spanning over two decades. After taking two years off to immerse in self-healing and caring for her family, she now offers her expertise through consulting services in areas such as training program development, grants management, government funding, and strategic initiatives.

Prior to consulting, Jacquie was the Director of Programs at the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, where she worked for a decade. Her work focused on various aspects of public policy, communications, coalition membership, capacity-building, and prevention initiatives. Jacquie represented the organization on multiple fronts, serving on local, state, and federal committees and advisory groups, providing crucial public policy testimony, and conducting media interviews. Her leadership skills shone as she took charge of designing and executing major programmatic events, including the Annual Domestic Violence Conference and various advocacy committees. She fostered coalition member engagement with a small team of brilliant colleagues driving public support and activism through policy alerts, social media, awareness campaigns, and outreach. Before joining the coalition, Jacquie worked directly with survivors and their families in a local domestic violence program, an experience that informs her thinking to this day.

For this new era in her professional life, Jacquie is focused on developing tools for social justice leaders who desire to reconnect with their power in healthier ways. In these ever-changing and tumultuous times, Jacquie believes that leaders must ethically and radically to use their power and authority to change the conditions of the communities they serve. However, faced with the day-to-day work that is often steeped in contradictions, leaders increasingly feel powerless and ineffective. Jacquie wants to interrupt that trajectory to help leaders find their way back to their passion and brilliance that our communities need.