Jenny Bender

Jenny Bender (she/her) spent over 15 years in education before returning to school for a degree in social work. As a 2nd grade and middle school classroom teacher, and then as a literacy consultant for K-12 educators, Jenny used the teaching of reading and writing as a pathway for social justice work, inviting students to consider questions like, “Whose voices are and are not being heard in this text?” and ”What does this author — or what do I as the writer of this piece — want readers to value and see as possibilities in the world?”

As a clinical social worker who specializes in trauma, Jenny works from an anti-oppressive lens with the understanding that systemic harm and inequity are most often the root cause of mental health challenges. Her personal growth and professional work are grounded in somatics and social justice with the belief that deep healing happens in the body and in community. In addition to providing individual and group therapy, Jenny provides clinical consultations and workshops on vicarious trauma and trauma informed care, contextualizing all trauma in the trauma of white supremacy and healing in the need for collective care and systemic change.