P. Natasha Mitchell

P. Natasha Mitchell is the Founder and CEO of Potter’s Wheel Community Services, an organization intent on aggressively delving into Cultural Diversity, Impacts of Trauma, Restorative Circles, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Gang/Gun Violence Prevention. Their she focuses on and facilitates innovative problem-solving solutions coupled with Family Systems Therapy.

Natasha has been an activist and community leader throughout Western Massachusetts for the past twenty-six years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a double minor in African Studies and African American Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. She currently holds a Master’s in Education from Cambridge College, with concentrations in Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. She has been married to her husband and co-facilitator Brian for the past nine years and is a proud mother of two. Her passion is to empower all people to impact change within the lives of those individuals that they serve daily. Natasha is inspired by the principles of Holy Scripture. She believes strongly that regardless of age, educational background, socioeconomic status, or sociopolitical beliefs, we all have the capacity to cause a positive ripple in our serviced communities. Natasha has worked tirelessly at tearing down the construct of institutional racism while simultaneously combating the self-destructive behavioral patterns that plague our inner-city communities.