Professional Training and Consultation Services

JAC Patrissi is a communications and design consultant specializing in training design, facilitation and ethical supervisory approaches. JAC brings extensive leadership experience to her consultations, designing and facilitating victim services projects for criminal justice, community-based advocacy and social services professionals. Her approach is based on the premises of Popular Education and its outgrowth, Dialogue Education.

When our daily work is in service to others, it renders us acutely aware of the dynamics of power. In designing our projects and trainings, we can employ a set of principles that are respectful, empowering and accountable. We can ensure that participants’ contributions and learning are at the center of every design, and that we are continually inspired by the voices of those we serve.

As leaders and supervisors, we can navigate even the most complex terrain to forge effective relationships that will meet our project goals.

As trainers, we can improve even our most successful designs by:

  • creating the most effective sequencing of learning tasks
  • that ensure the participants know they are learning
  • in a respectful, energetic and challenging forum
  • that offers participants positive engagement 
  • with ideas, attitudes, skills and concepts carefully selected
  • to meet the learning outcomes that the participants can accountably obtain.

We can do this together.

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